The Art of Being YAY: The OMG NSFW Memoir and Guide to Authentic Joy
Aidan Park

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In The Art of Being YAY! I tell juicy anecdotes from my life that out drama a Lifetime Channel movie. Through these stories I apply empowering thought tools and principles for emotional wellness. 

I was born in South Korea to a single mother and a father with a secret, second family. My life started out resembling a sordid soap opera. It didn’t get any less dramatic. When I was nine my mother and I fled to the United States. I was thrust into a foreign culture with no real support. My mother was blackmailed into staying with an abusive boyfriend and paying his way through dental school. 

Essentially on my own in a new country, I taught myself English. I also faced the prejudices of people who did not agree with my lifestyle as a gay man. Not being able to find a job due to my status as an illegal immigrant was also a barrier. So, I became a craigslist hooker. When that burgeoning career was cut short due to an HIV diagnosis, I threw myself into the world of self-help and cognitive behavior. 

I used the coping skills gleaned from my studies to build up several successful careers, strong friendships, and even fell in love. But when my husband of five years died suddenly of cancer, I had to forge new coping techniques in order to deal with my grief.  Not satisfied with just being okay, I decided to actively pursue joy. In my book I share alternately hilarious and heartbreaking stories. I also shares tools and principles that will help you pursue your own authentic joy, no matter what adversity you face.


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