13/03/2021 at 16:00 GMT


Every other Saturday join Jasmine Iachella for an hour packed full of culinary delights and cooking fun, we'll also be giving a massive birthday shout out to some very special guests.

​Cook Along With The Kids is the young person's cooking events arm of Star Events Online and is led by Jasmine Iachella to bring child friendly cooking sessions to your home.

Every other Saturday young people from across the globe meet together in a strongly safeguarded session online with Jasmine, who's a vetted and DBS checked chef on an encrypted and password protected channel.

Outside of the monthly session, children are also asked to get involved with thier local libraries who lead sessions throughout the week such as art, music, singing and more. Star Events also puts on outings for children going to local animal centres, nature reserves and other areas with fully vetted and DBS checked staff.



I am a Performance and Health Nutritionist (SENr register) running my own business ‘Nurture’, providing nutritional programmes in primary and secondary schools. At present, operating in the North West of England. This entails practical cooking sessions, one-to-one support, supermarket visits, recipes and workshops with pupils, parents and teachers educating them on the benefits of good nutrition by providing them the knowledge to make informed choices. Being ‘Healthy’ is seen to be a middle class preserve, meaning you need money to eat and lead a healthy lifestyle. The goal of ‘Nurture’ is to dispel this by educating children and parents that your financial standing does not matter, that you can still lead a healthy lifestyle by following the mantra “Education from the roots up”.

I am, also, a sessional worker at ‘The Joshua Tree foundation’ providing nutritional support and cooking to children and families affected by cancer. This work directly links in with my research with researchers from Liverpool John Moore’s and Edge Hill university’s and future research in applying nutrition and exercise strategies to positively alter body compositional changes during aftercare treatment of children with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL).