Denise harrison is a Brighton-based painter and author. She will be guiding us to create six small semi abstract paintings based on the work of David Hockney and his beautiful painting Garrowby Hill. This exercise is about how to abstract information from an image to create your own unique set of images.
We will explore mark making, colour and painting techniques in a fun and exciting way that will inspire you to do more.

About Denise Harrison

Denise is a trained painter, gaining a BA and MA in Painting. Her work has been exhibited around the country and is also held in a Heritage Art Collection.
She has her studio in Brighton where she also runs her popular painting classes. She is the commissioned author and illustrator of the colourful and informative book ‘If You’re Bored with Acrylics, Read This Book’, by Octopus Publishing.

What You Will Need

You will need A3 acrylic paper, if not, then A4 or other paper will be fine.
Masking tape
A selection of acrylic paint colours, red, blue, yellow and white. This means that you can also make purple, orange and green which are other useful colours.
A paint palette, baking paper or a kitchen plate are perfect.
Two brushes, preferably synthetic. I usually recommend a one-inch flathead and a pointed brush. If you do not have these, you can cut up a kitchen sponge and use as if a brush.
A container for water to rinse brushes.
I will be demonstrating on an easel, but you can work on a table or on the wall.