18/03/2021 at 15:00 GMT



Enjoy an hour with Chaz Newton-Smith, an Artist living in Stockport, painting in oils on canvas and digitally. The workshop will be a 20 minute talk looking at Chaz’s work so far then a 40 minute fun tutorial using oil pastels on paper. Chaz’s current work is looking at coastlines so we will be creating an image of a wave.

You will need a large piece of paper (preferably some thing with a bit of texture to it) and some oil pastels. (If you can get your hands on some different blues and greens that would be great but what ever you have in will be fine)
The workshop is about having a go and being expressive so any skill level is great.

Originally from Bristol, I developed my painting skills studying for a degree in Fine Art in Northampton. I came to Manchester five years ago and have since been focusing my work mainly on large urban landscapes. I enjoy painting big landscapes with lots of power and punch. They tend to be about what I am feeling and where I have been. Big canvases with big brush marks.

My recent works have been inspired by New York. Working with an iPad, using the drawing app Adobe draw. I work in the same style of my oil painting but using the Adobe App i am able to layer up my digital paintings, creating depth that would be very difficult in oil. Using Twitter these digital images have even got in front of the creators of the app. They hadn’t realised that such an image could have been made.